Hells Canyon Harley-Davidson®
306 21st St.
Lewiston, ID 83501
Phone: (855)-788-8333
Fax: (208)-746-0984

About UsHells Canyon Harley-Davidson®


HELLS CANYON HARLEY-DAVIDSON opened April 30, 2013. It was a long time coming. Our customers understand the true meaning of “Patience is a Virtue.” The riders in this area waited for three years for their dealership to re-open. We opened a beautiful dealership in one of the best locations in town. The dealership is owned by my husband Greg and myself. We have twin boys, Bill and Chris who work with us. It is truly a family business. Also, we own Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson in Spokane Valley, WA. 

Greg and I came from St. Louis, MO. My father owned a floor covering retail business and had 9 stores at our peak. I grew up in a family business. My Dad taught us how to work hard, take care of your customers and take care of your employees. Greg and I both worked for him and his business principles are reflected in most of everything we do. He was a great mentor. Everyone needs good role models in their life. 

Both of us lived in St. Louis most of our lives. Our families lived close to us. Greg turned 50 and wanted to change it up. He loved riding his Heritage Soft Tail and loved Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I rode with him as a passenger and enjoyed our times on the bike. When he told me he wanted to own a Harley-Davidson dealership, I thought he was kidding me. He wasn’t. He wanted a family business for our children to work in with us. The twins loved to ride so it was a natural decision for him.


Greg sent in our application and pursued it with determination. After many attempts in having a dealership, we were awarded a new point in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in September 2007 to open the new Harley-Davidson dealership. Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson was opened May 8, 2008. We knew retail but had no experience with a dealership except by visiting them. Greg and I learned this business by being on the floor, meeting our customers, hiring and training a great staff, and working hard. To us, working hard is fun and fulfilling because of this particular type of business. Talking about new motorcycles, rides, events, cool clothes, accessorizing bikes is totally fun!  
In July of 2010, we bought the Spokane dealership and opened Timber Wolf Harley-Davidson. It was opened less than a year because we decided to relocate the dealership in Spokane Valley. We merged Timber Wolf Harley-Davidson in Spokane and Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson in Coeur d’Alene into one dealership in the new location in Spokane Valley
This dealership changed the town of Lewiston by not only making the corner of 21st St. and G St. a great retail statement but giving the riders their own Harley-Davidson dealership. Harley-Davidson is the best business in the world. It is all about people, memories, fun, and the best motorcycle, Harley-Davidson.

Our staff is extraordinary. All of our Managers and some of our Master Technicians came from Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson. They worked with us, understanding our philosophy. What is our philosophy? We believe in giving each person coming into our store an ultimate experience. When you buy a new motorcycle from us, it is an experience. We know this is one of the biggest moments of your life and we make itfun.  Each person in every department is here for you and cares about you. We want this to be  your home away from home . You are the reason for our success. Without our loyal customers… our friends, we would not be able to do it. Come by for a cup of coffee, check out a new bike or maybe something new in parts or motorclothes. We are here because of you. We are here for you. Thank you for our success in our first year in business. Looking forward to the future.

 Beth Ernst